533 Yates Street

Date of construction: 1887


East of Commercial Alley at 533 Yates Street was the Boucherat and Company Building built in 1887. This two-storey brick structure was home to their liquor merchandising business. Luke Pither took over the business, changing the name to Pither and Leiser. By 1916, the building housed the Turkish Sulphur Baths and was later used by Smith, Davidson and Wright Paper Company. It was also used by Switzer Frozen Foods in the 1970s. In later years it has been used as a Fish and chips restaurant and a Pizza Hut outlet. In 2009, it isĀ  a Caribbean restaurant.


This Hallmark Heritage Society project was funded by the HBC Foundation and the BC150-Heritage Legacy Fund

Project manager and researcher: Helen Edwards

Principal Photography & Consultant: Ron Bukta, West Ventures Photography